2022 Summer Jewelry Fashion Trend Quick Report

2022 Summer Jewelry Fashion Trend Quick Report

Are you ready for the summer yet? Is your jewelry wardrobe up to date? In order to get prepared for the summer with the right directional colors and styles, you should probably start the research right now.


Single or layered look for necklaces are the focus of this summer. Two schools exist at the same time: Metal or Organic… most necklaces this season will have a mixture of both. Our beautiful and dainty pearl necklace is perfect for a nice out or with jeans. Layering gives a more prevalent style that is the eye-catching using the various tones in mental, beads, and organic necklace materials.


Parallel to the layered necklaces, designers are fond of laying finger rings, and also adding at least one enormous ring, all on the same hand, this summer. Layered metals and sparkling solitaire rings with a huge center stone set on large prongs seem to be the norm in most part of Europe this year. An extremely thick band with many small stones set on pave settings is another popular style that you might want to keep an eye on. Well, you get the idea, just be BOLD.


As for earrings, trends are shimmer and dangle styles this year. Dangle earrings with geometric designs incorporating loops and twits are the way to go. In fact, our silver Waterfall drop earrings are similar to the chandelier earrings that have been super hot for almost two years.


Bracelets are a little overshadowed by necklaces this year. Simple charm bracelets are back in trend. However, bold word jewelry is making a splash ths summer. Charm bracelets with murano glass or gemstones would complete the summer outfit in a nice way.


The jewelry metal color gold is ever popular, however sterling silver complements a beautiful tan. Regardless both are timeless and classic. Not to mention the colors of organic materials…deep browns, khakis, bright reds, oranges, off-whites, and light beiges are the primary stone and leather colors are a current trend this summer.

What ever your look, the choice is clear………Layer and be Bold!

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